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Preparation for Eating Recovery-The BRIDGE Visualisation TOOL

by | Apr 18, 2017

When we are transitioning from one reality (state, situation) to another, it can be problematic. Many people fail. When you are in transitioning period from eating Disorder to Eating Freedom (Eating Recovery), you can feel mixed emotions as desire, fear, excitement, energy blockage, doubts, peace or anxiety.

This tool-the Bridge Visualization can help you to prepare for Eating recovery (or anything else that you are transitioning to – like a new job, career, being pregnant, from single to having new relationship etc.) and deal with all these mixed emotions so you can move forward easily. It’s a great tool for knowing and understanding yourself more and fantastic tool for dealing with your inner conflicts and sabotaging behaviors so you can move smoothly and swiftly into Eating Recovery.

Elena Ochiday is Eating Freedom Teacher and Coach, helping women to achieve “Eating Freedom and a Slim Body For Life!™ She is the founder of Eating and Body Freedom website. She helps people to get back to 1. “The Natural Way Of Eating and 2. Their Natural State Of Being”™ in her signature book, video training and workshop called “Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever!™” After struggling with an eating disorder and weight problems for 12 years, now completely eating disorder free and slim for life, teaches others how they can be the person who can eat anything and stay slim, too!

Sign up for FREE video Training here!

Sign up for FREE video Training here!

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