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Ho To Stop Food Cravings and Obsessions

by | Jan 21, 2017

If you experience food cravings and you want them to stop, then this video is for you! I recognize 3 types of cravings: Physical, Natural and Psychological. Each of them has a different energy behind them. The first and the last ones are accompanied by a lack of freedom. The psychological craving is usually accompanied by eating disorder. I am offering advice on how to stop these cravings for good and how to recover from eating disorder and be fully free around food.
When you have food cravings and obsessions, is very hard to lose weight as you are not much in charge and have to do what craving is telling to do- eat now, whether you are hungry or not. You can be free from any cravings and back in your own power very fast. I am offering you the opportunity to be coached by me so you can in just 3 months recover from eating disorder and lose weight naturally.

I wasn’t always having eating freedom and permanently slim body. I had eating disorder for 12 years (food addiction, binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, compulsive overeating, fasting, starving, bulimia etc). So I had no idea that I lost this natural partnership/respecting boundaries of my body and that’s why I was putting on weight so easily. I was obsessed with losing weight and did many extreme eating disorder and diet behaviors. If only I knew then, how easy it was to have slim body!!!

Unfortunately, I was listening mainstream advice on how to lose weight and got completely derailed. It teaches to go against our bodies and ourselves, to be completely disconnected from our bodies.

After 12 years, I recovered fully and achieved eating freedom and slim body in just 3-6 months. Since then (5 years now), I have the same stable naturally slim weight and have complete eating freedom. All this just because now I am in tune with my body, I partner with it, respect its boundaries and not going against it as I did before. You can have it too!!

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Elena Ochiday is Eating Freedom Teacher and Coach, helping women to achieve “Eating Freedom and Slim Body For Life!™ She is the founder of Eating and Body Freedom website. She helps people to get back to 1. “Natural Way Of Eating and 2. Their Natural State Of Being”™ in her signature book, video training and workshop called “Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever!™” After struggling with an eating disorder and weight problems for 12 years, now completely eating disorder free and slim for life, teaches others how they can be the person who can eat anything and stay slim, too!

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Sign up for FREE video Training here!

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