Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever!

Step 1: Get Back to The Natural Way Of Eating   Step 2: Get Back to your Natural State Of Being

BONUS: How to Transition from Your Eating Disorder to The Natural Way Of Eating

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  1. Why you cannot lose weight – Introduction

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2. How to Get Back to The Natural Way Of Eating

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3. How to Get Back to your Natural State Of Being

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4. How To Transition From Your Eating Disorder to The Natural Way Of Eating

Bonus Step:

How to Transition from Your Eating Disorder to The Natural Way Of Eating

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—–> STEP 3: What’s next?

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“Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever!”

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 Why losing only weight, when you can lose weight AND your eating disorder in one!

If you suffer from eating disorders (binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, food addiction, bulimia, starving), you cannot lose weight as your eating is out of order!
What to do? I have to 2 steps for you:
1. Get back to the Natural Way Of Eating (so you lose your eating disorder).
2. Get back to your Natural State of Being (so you lose the reason why you have developed your eating disorder).

Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder forever!

Gain Eating Freedom and a Slim Body for Life!

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This book is AMAZING! Really, is incredible how Elena could keep my focus on reading and how is easy to see myself in her own history. Her words are very comfortable, because she talks about her own experience, so her teaching isn’t about some theory or a new discovery. Her words are full of emotions and human comprehension and this made me feel like “I’m not alone”. Besides, her approach is completely logical and it’s beyond any science (after all, every scientific theory becomes outdated in some time but hungry and satisfaction physic never were and never will be). The two steps presented in the book are not about a diet or how to lose weight. They are about BEING SLIM and to be happy with who you are. By learning those two steps you will make peace with your body and you will create a great relationship with it; you will eat and enjoy any food without guilt or fear of weight gain – by the way, your weight never will be a problem anymore. Reading this book was like having a good friend close to me, talking directly to me, knowing and understanding all my difficult emotions, and because that I could trust in the process and embrace it to myself. Glau G.

Glau Gimenes Lifestyle

“Elena, I love you for what you have told me. I was waiting for this half of my life. I think the God send me the message to contact you when I was so depressed and when I lost my beliefs that I can feel free again from my “demons” about food. My soul was telling me similar things about listening to my body but I just needed to listen to this again from you – from a person who experienced this. Thank you from all my heart for your help, support and not ignoring me. I am sending you a massive hug and kiss from the UK. You know, there are so many ebooks on the internet regarding eating disorders (true stories) but only YOURS touched my heart and soul.Your book is telling THE TRUTH about eating disorders, your book is special because you are special.I think you saved my life.When I finish the book I will tell all the world about YOU! YOU DESERVE IT. Thank you again, Angel Elena ”   J.

How many times?

How many times have you been dieting and failed?
How many time have you end up binge eating and overeating instead?
How many times have you postponed activities and your life for weight gain and lack of confidence?
How many times have you started over again? 

Dieting and Binging Cycles

Postponed activities due weight

Heartbreaks and Dissapointments

Starting over


 because you never gave up!

Only really strong people are able to do this!

This struggle is over for you, darling! 



          PARTNER with your BODY! PARTNER with YOURSELF!

In just 3 months from NOW!

You could live a completely different life!

You can start 2017 with Eating Freedom! 

Imagine you could eat everything this year

and won’t gain any weight!

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“Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever!”

3 Months Experiential and Interactive Coaching

1-1 Coaching (2.12.) Group Coaching (2.12.)








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