1. I tried everything to lose weight and nothing has worked! Why should I trust that this will suddenly work?

I understand! Don’t trust yet, be curious and learn more! Either come to the workshop to find out or subscribe to get to know me better and receive more information. As losing weight and being free around food is important to you and you have already invested a lot into this to solve your problem, you still will be investing your time, energy and money until you will find the solution. What if this is the solution? Everything in life is a risk! How would you know if you never try? You have nothing to lose as after reading the book, or attending the workshop you will get more educated, informed, enlightened and empowered than ever, so it will be worth your time, energy and money! And what if you really lose weight and eating disorder forever? Can you imagine to miss this opportunity? I teach how to get back to what is natural, I teach how to put dis-order back into order and dis-ease back into ease! 

2. I have a severe eating disorder and my body is no well and I understand you don't offer coaching in this conditions! Can I still buy the book or attend the workshop though and will I benefit from it?

I don’t offer coaching if your body is not well not because this process would not work for you, but because your body and health conditions are urgent and should be your number 1 priority to put into balance first! Only after your physical body is fine, you can take the next step in your own recovery. The book or workshop is not a coaching or any kind of treatment, it is an education, an experience (workshop) and empowerment. Anyone on the planet will benefit from this information!

3. I want to lose weight and I have some eating issues but I would not call it eating disorder! Would I still benefit from the book?

Many people with eating issues don’t call it an eating disorder as they associate eating disorder with extreme cases of bulimia and anorexia and think that they eating issues are not THAT bad. But if you have any level of eating and body weight issues, that is some level of dis-order. Anyone on this planet would benefit from this book and certainly, it will change your life if you have any level of eating disorder- especially binge eating and dieting cycle.

4. I was always overweight as I remember, will this work for me too? Or is it only for people who were slim and then put on weight?

The majority of what people consider as “normal eating” is not a Natural Way Of Eating at all. It is so spread and common in this society that we guide our children away from the Natural Way Of Eating from very early age! Anyone who is overweight or putting on weight easily will benefit from this information tremendously! I teach principles and process that are the same for all human beings. There are of course – in born and genetic conditions as rare metabolic and digestion diseases that might be exceptions, but for the majority of people the human body, mind, emotion, psyche and soul work the same way. If you are overweight because your eating is our of order, then this book is for you!

5. Do you have any qualification to teach this? What qualifications do you have and why you think you are expert on this?

I don’t have a qualification in what I teach as it was not created as a qualification yet. I would have to create a qualification from my teachings for people, myself first. It is very likely that I will do it in the future. In terms of formal qualifications I have a Master Degree in Special Education and was self-studying psychology and spirituality from a young age for my own interest and I was always gifted in that area. I don’t believe in qualifications or in any titles. Formal education gives you knowledge, information, but won’t give you wisdom, real competence and in-depth experience. It gives you a theory but not true understanding and knowing! I am the expert on recovery from eating disorder and losing weight the natural way as I myself experienced the depth and every angle of eating disorder and also complete recovery, slim body and eating freedom. No qualification or formal education could ever teach and give me this. I also deeply understand how I got to develop my eating disorder and how exactly I recovered from it for life!I am an eternal student of life and eternal teacher! I achieved complete eating freedom and slim body for life! It means I can eat anything and stay slim forever. This is a huge accomplishment and competence as I came from eating disorder and food addiction side.

6. I don't live in London, UK, can I still get this workshop training?

The book is already available to buy and I am in the process of creating video training as another format of this workshop. When it will become available, if you are subscribed, you will get notified. In all formats, I teach my 2 step process and the transitioning. The closest to the workshop format would be the video training, but the book has the same information.

7. How can I get your coaching and support?

In order to qualify, you would have to be familiar with my signature training as I don’t teach it during my coaching and support.I just help people to apply it. It means you would have to read my book or watch my video training or attend my workshop. Then you can just apply for my coaching online via my website. I offer 3 or 6 months group coaching according to your needs.

8. Do you offer one to one consultations or coaching?

I offer only group coaching and consultations to those who knows my 2 steps training via book, video training or  workshop. Within this group coaching I offer some one-to-one coaching or consultations to people I have in a group. Unfortunately, I don’t offer one to one coaching as it would not be possible for me for time availability reasons.

9. What your 3 or 6 months coaching programme include? Why is it only 3 or 6 months and not a year?

I share all details of my coaching program via my website! Have a look here! This process is quick. It does not take 1 year to achieve eating freedom and slim body! You really only benefit from max 6 months of support from me in order to be self-reliant, self-confident and recovered for life! You can do it in 3 months too. We can always stay in touch even after coaching is over, as I would be delighted to have you in my circle of friends and awesome people.

10. I want to attend the workshop, but I am not in London and your other formats of this workshops (video training, e-book) are not ready yet! How can I get more resources from you?

My book is already available in a beta purchase. Video training and workshop are still upcoming. Subscribe to my website and social media channels to receive free resources, upcoming events. 

11. What is the best way to stay connected to you to receive more resources and inspiration from you?

Subscribe to my website to receive resources, upcoming events. Subscribe to youtube channel to receive videos, friend me on a facebook for even more resources, connect with me on google plus! All social media and subscription options are on this website.

12. Are you on a social media?

Yes, come over to Facebook, Youtube and Google Plus! Get connected!

13. How much your workshop, video training, book cost?

My book is already available in Beta purchase (discounted price as you don’t pay for professional editing and packaging yet, but you will receive the perfect design when it’s ready for free) and the price is £17.99. The normal price would be £39. The prices of video training and workshops are not set yet. It will be available in beta purchases first, so you can get it as soon as possible with the smaller prices before it will be in a professional format.

14. How often will you run the workshops?

I have not decided yet, but it will according to people’s interest. When I will come to London, I will usually stay for 2 weeks or so and will do a workshop tour (series of workshops).

15. I want to lose weight asap to attend some event 1 month from now and look slim by then. Will your book work?

You want to lose weight fast and seems like you want to be on some strict diet. I don’t recommend this! The process of losing weight with my process is quite quick, but not as quick as with a diet. However with my process, you will lose weight for good and with a diet only temporarily for the event. You can always read the book to start applying the process after you finish the diet.

And some more...

16. How long will it take to achieve the eating freedom and slim body?

It is an individual thing, for some people 3-6 months -1 year depends on how much weight you have to release. But you can experience weight loss from the beginning and be able to eat natural way in 3 weeks, however, you need some time to feel secure and stabilized in this new way of being and also you need time to your relapse. The more extra weight you have, the longer it will take. But it is still very fast. For me, most of it happened in cca 3 months time and I lost around 8 kgs. 

17. How long did it take you to lose weigh and recover with this process?

I transitioned from eating disorder on the 7th day of the transitioning process to the Natural Way Of Eating. 3 weeks  – 30 days took me to have eating freedom and about 3 months to lose most of my weight, cca 6 months to start eating more natural foods. I had 1 useful relapse after 5 months and got back again after 2 months and never had relapse ever again, I would say 6 months – 1 year (for me 7 months- including the relapse) to live a completely different life, to naturally move more and lose even more weight and eat more natural healthy nutritious food and have complete eating freedom and slim body

18. I've just discovered you and your book "Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder" in one seems too good to be true. I am not sure if I believe in this. Why should I trust you?

Don’t trust me without the experience. Just stay around connected on social media and subscribe to me, get to know me. You will feel if what I am saying feels right to you or not and if yes, read the book and get my coaching. 

19. Is complete eating freedom and recovery really possible? Or will I always have some level of tendencies to overeat or binge or emotionally eat but it will be more manageable?

I thought the same way, that even if I recover I still will have tendencies to eating disorder forever, but fortunately my experience is different! You can have COMPLETE eating freedom and slim body. Now I can’t even imagine my old binging, emotional eating, dieting, overeating days, it seems like some dream as the Natural Way Of Eating is so normal to me! Complete eating freedom AND being slim is natural, that’s why we just have to come back to what is natural! You won’t be able to eat when not hungry or overeat again, you won’t associate food with weight gain only with energy, nutrition, and self-care and you won’t cope with negative feelings with food anymore. It would not make sense to your brain anymore, you will have different neuro-pathways.

20. Do you do some other events than just workshops?

Yes, I am going to do many other events as webinars, videos, video interviews, processes groups and in the future Food Art Parties, and Retreat.

21. I like your message and I don't wanna hurt your feelings, but I don't really resonate with your personality or your style. What other teachers and coaches do you recommend with similar message?

I understand this as I feel the same way about many people. I am even hosting a video interview series: “Recover With Us, where I will be playing “the eating recovery matchmaker”, where I would match people with teachers, so people could find the right solution and the right teachers, coaches. I would recommend very highly these people: Emily Rosen and Marc David from Eating Psychology, Dr. Susan Alberts – Eating Mindful, Michelle Ma y- Am I hungry, Marna Thal l-Thin Within, Ali Ker r-Bulimia Help and many others. I have not read their books or bought their training, but they teach a similar message as I, just in a different way and in a different angle.

22. Are you nutritionist, doctor or a psychologist too?

I am not a nutritionist and don’t want to be one. I am not a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or doctor and don’t want to be one. I am Eating Freedom Teacher and Coach.

23. You speak mostly to women. Is this for men too?

My message is for any human being. I speak mostly to women as I understand and experienced women conditioning as I am a woman. So I am an expert on that! I understand men conditioning but have never experienced it. So I don’t see myself as an expert on men conditioning. Also, most men are conditioned differently than women and body and eating disorders are more developed in women than in men, but this is a very individual thing. But my message and the process are for any man and woman and anyone can achieve complete eating freedom and slim body with this process. Also, I feel closer to women about this topic.

24. Why you are sharing so much personal information, aren't you scared you won't be seen as professional or taken seriously?

On a contrary. I am an advocate of emotional intimacy, deeper connections, authenticity, openness, sharing and having the inner confidence and inner freedom to be fully yourself. This has a  profound healing effect and creates complete wellbeing! I teach and inspire by my example and my own soul evolution! When you are fully and freely yourself there is no place for shame, addiction and dis-order! Secrets and taboos have very damaging effects on humanity!

25. How can I believe you that you actually had an eating disorder and that you are fully recovered now? What if you just made up everything just to have a business?
That’s a good point! Don’t trust without some backup! The only way you could actually believe me that I am recovered and have complete eating freedom and slim body permanently would be if you live with me for some time! In this way, you could observe me. If I have had an eating disorder, as it is in the past, I can’t prove it anymore. You could ask my sister and friends, ex-partners and they would tell you some information. However, I didn’t share much about my problem with anyone. They would tell you, I was obsessed with losing weight, was always on a diet and had similar behaviours. And I have some pics where I was heavier.

So in reality, there is no proof that I can give you. BUT you can KNOW if I am authentic and if it’s true from THE WAY I TALK, from WHAT I am sharing about ED and from LEVEL of DEPTH of information and sharings that I am offering. This is something that I cannot “pretend or fake”. Anyone with a good imagination and empathy can guess what people with ED go through and try to describe it. But there is a LIMIT on how deep and detailed one can go without the actual experience. You can all see from my About Me page, from my STORY and especially from my Before and After Eating Recovery Video Series, where I share in very big detail how was it for me to have an ED and how it is for me now to be FREE. 

So, do your research, get to know me properly from my work and then listen to your Inner Guidance if it feels that I am authentic or not.

With my words, I can assure you that I have had an ED for 12 years and I have now complete eating freedom and permanently slim body for 4 and half years.

26. What about people who has diabetes or food allergies? Will this work for them too?
These are additional problems on top of the eating disorder. This would create a problem to follow one of the 4 steps in getting back to Natural Way Of Eating. As this step require you to eat anything you want. In these cases, as you can’t eat anything you want ( from the medical reasons), this would be in the way. So very likely you won’t be able to have complete eating freedom as you would still experience psychological and emotional cravings ( that comes from forbidden foods and lack of freedom). But in terms of weight loss, you can lose weight easily as there are no issues with other steps in Natural Way Of Eating. So basically, you still can lose weight, but won’t have complete eating freedom due to diabetes and food allergies. However, many people recovered from food allergies or even from diabetes too.

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