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“The partnership with your body”   Q U I Z

The opposite of an eating disorder is what I call the “Natural Way Of Eating ( Partnership with your body). 

When you partner with your body, you listen to it, you are in tune with what it needs and when. You easily co-operate with your body. And your body is keeping you in your natural state: naturally slim and healthy.

When the partnership with your body is lost, you disconnect from your body, you are not able to listen to it anymore and your eating becomes disordered and chaotic. And then as a consequence, your body is not in its natural state- you are gaining weight, you are not healthy and your eating is dis-ordered. You experience lots of emotional and mental chaos too (cravings, urges, obsessions, fears).

I created a QUIZ for you to check if you lost the partnership with your body or not and in what level!

Take the QUIZ now!

It will assess your eating and the level of your eating dis-order or “order”.

It will tell you if you lost the partnership with your body (the Natural Way Of Eating) or not.

It has 3 results:

A: You lost your partnership. Your eating is disordered.
B: You have some level of partnership, but you are losing it – be careful.
C: You have a full partnership with your body and you are in the Natural Way of Eating= eating disorder free (congratulation, keep it going).

On the end, I will offer you a FREE video training that will show you HOW to get from disordered eating back to the Natural Way Of Eating, so you can be eating disorder FREE and naturally slim for the rest of your life.



“The partnership with your body”   Q U I Z

Is your eating disordered fully or partially?

Then, take this FREE video training where I show you HOW to recover!



I am revealing my 2 steps signature formula for achieving Eating Freedom and A Slim Body for life after having my eating disorder for 12 years. I will show you how you can eat anything and be slim!


 Why losing only weight, when you can lose weight AND your eating disorder in one!

If you suffer from eating disorders (binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, food addiction, bulimia, starving), you cannot lose weight as your eating is out of order!
What to do? I have to 2 steps for you:
1. Get back to the Natural Way Of Eating (so you lose your eating disorder).
2. Get back to your Natural State of Being (so you lose the reason why you have developed your eating disorder).

Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder forever!

Gain Eating Freedom and a Slim Body for Life!

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“The partnership with your body”   Q U I Z


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