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Eating Experiments 7 Days Challenge

by | Aug 22, 2017

Is eating a negative or a positive experience for you?
Eating is a huge and frequent part of your lives and every day. It does really make a difference in our lives if eating is a positive or a negative experience.

For me, eating is a very positive experience for me. I look forward to eating, I feel happy when eating, I love and enjoy food and eating, I am excited to eat new or my favourite foods and meals or it is very relaxing and neutral experience. I can trust my body completely that I won’t put on weight but will stay naturally slim. This is very relaxing for me. I allow myself to feel all the taste and pleasure from food. Food and eating satisfy me in a sensual and nourishing way. Food is my friend, eating is very pleasurable and positive experience for me. I feel fulfilled with my relationship with food, eating and my body.

But this was not the case for me just 5 years ago. Eating was for me very stressful, anxious and negative experience. I have suffered from eating disorder for 12 years and I was not able to just enjoy food and eating. I felt anxious and scared to eat certain foods. I was scared it will trigger me to overeat, to lose my control, and the most important to gain weight and get fat.

I was disconnected from my body and senses while eating so I managed to get quickly over it. But I did not experience much pleasure during my dieting and food deprivation cycles. Deprivation of food and pleasure and relaxation sucks. Being disconnected from our bodies sucks. It was like I was not present there. And the physical consequences of feeling hungry, having grumbling stomach from hunger all the time, feeling dizzy, having low energy, mood swings…

In my binge eating and overeating, bulimia cycles I was eating lots of food to catch up with food and pleasure deprivation from dieting cycles. But I still was not able to be “satisfied and fulfilled by eating food”. It was like I didn’t feel when I had enough and was not able to be satisfied so I wanted and needed more and more. But then I was too full and stuffed and felt sick, so the pleasure was destroyed. And then all the guilt and shame after eating so much food and not being able to be satisfied and stop eating. And the physical consequences of feeling sluggish, tired, sick, having low energy, gaining extra weight and feeling heavy and fat…

That was quite an awful eating experience for me. And it was like this every day, 24/7, eating or not eating was always on my mind and was stressing me out, making me anxious, I feared of weight gain and of losing my control.

Are you experiencing this too? I get you! It is so hard to manage life when eating food, such a basic and primal aspect of life is stressing us so much. It really diminishes and take away joy and affect the quality of our lives. It sabotages every aspect of our lives as it is always there present with us.

I have transformed my eating from a negative to a positive experience in just 3 months. Imagine, having eating disorder/issues and weight problems for 12 long years and then suddenly all has changed and was different in 3 months-that was the most amazing experience of my life! It felt like a miracle as it was like experiencing day and night. Such a difference.

How this happened and what I did to turn my eating and weight around? I started to partner with my body and with myself. I conditioned myself back to listening to only my body and myself.
That’s it! I can show you how to do it too!

Come and join me to try a new way of eating when you partner and listen to your body.

The Eating Experiments 7 days FB Challenge was running on MONDAY 14th.

You can do it anytime by yourself.

Have a positive experience of eating. Get acquainted with the Natural way of Eating-with the Partnership With Your Body!
Join us here:

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Elena Ochiday is Eating Freedom Teacher and Coach, helping women to achieve “Eating Freedom and a Slim Body For Life!™ She is the founder of Eating and Body Freedom website. She helps people to get back to 1. “The Natural Way Of Eating and 2. Their Natural State Of Being”™ in her signature book, video training and workshop called “Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever!™” After struggling with an eating disorder and weight problems for 12 years, now completely eating disorder free and slim for life, teaches others how they can be the person who can eat anything and stay slim, too!

Sign up for FREE video Training here!

Sign up for FREE video Training here!

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