Eating and Body Freedom

It is not enough to have just a slim body. Your body might be slim, but if you don’t have eating and body freedom, you still won’t be happy! You will have to control it all the time and it will depend on your control and willpower and on how long your willpower and control will last. It is VERY HARD work!

There is a better way! And that is: achieving full EATING and Body FREEDOM! 

When I used to have eating and weight problems, I thought there were only 2 options for me:


TO BE able to be SLIM/thin/skinny, BUT I would have to be on a diet, limit my food, eat salads and low calories food, avoid anything else, being always in control and food deprivation of some sort for the rest of my life!

That was the price, I thought, I have to pay for a slim body!



TO BE able to EAT ANYTHING I WANT, as much I want, whenever I want, binge eat, overeat, but to be fat, overweight or have extra pounds/kgs for the rest of my life!

That was the price, I thought, I would have to pay for eating freedom or eating anything I wanted.

Having a slim body AND eating anything, I thought, was an option for some very lucky and special people and obviously, I was not one of them! I could be upset, angry, sad, envious about that or could protest, disagree with that and see it as unfair injustice, but the reality for me was – I was not the chosen one and I had to deal with it!

There were times (sometimes when I was overweight and could not stand it anymore) when I would do anything for being slim, even if it would require from me eating only salads for the rest of my life.

And sometimes there were times (when I was on diets and could not stand it anymore) when I would do anything for being able to eat anything and everything I wanted, even if it would require from me to be fat or overweight for the rest of my life.

I was going from one side to another! And each of this side was obviously a long misery and very short joy lived and experienced.

This was NOT what I wanted to live! And this is NOT what you want to live either!

Secretly, I dreamed about being slim and eating anything I wanted! I was dreaming about being THAT lucky woman that is naturally slim and can eat everything. But this dreaming after a few minutes of bliss and freedom, made me feel sad, depressed, angry and numb because I didn’t believe it was possible.

But then ” a miracle”  happened!
My desire for this was so strong that it overrode my contradictive beliefs and reality.
I discovered and experienced that I was blind to see only 2 options! And that THE OPTION THAT I FOUND IMPOSSIBLE ( to eat anything and be slim) for me IS POSSIBLE! And that it is not only possible, BUT IT IS NATURAL and FOR EVERYONE, not just for some lucky or special people! INCLUDING ME OR YOU! So I went for it and proved to myself that it is REAL!


I achieved complete Eating Freedom and Slim Body For Life! I have become that woman that can eat anything and stay slim permanently!




It’s a popular belief that only some people can eat anything and be slim. We were born into society and families when this was already set. It’s simply not the correct information. There is a valid REASON why most people think this way and why we see proof that it’s true. 

What majority of people consider to be a “normal eating” is not a Natural Way Of Eating! Simply put, the majority of people are disconnected from their own bodies and trained to listening external rules. The further you were guided away from Natural Way of Eating, the more intense eating and weight problems you will experience! 

And for us, that we used to have or still are having what we call an “eating disorder” it means that we were just guided away EVEN FURTHER from Natural Way Of Eating than some others. The same problem, just the DEGREE, and INTENSITY is bigger!

Anyone with any eating and weight problems or an eating disorder can simply and easily get back to Natural Way Of Eating!”

That’s why I say that eating disorder is not really a big deal. You just need to go back to the Natural Way Of Eating. As everyone else, you just went even further away from it. (You also have very valid reason why you were able to go further from Natural Way Of Eating than others). But you can get back easily.

I teach how to do this in my book “Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever”. 

It's NOT about Slim BODY and LOOKS at all!


Are you being called “shallow, vain, surface level, self-absorbed, artificial, egoistic” just because  you go on diets, wanting to be desperately skinny, trying to lose weight, being obsessed and insecure about your looks, worried and taking care of your appearance too much?

Yes, some people will judge you! Some people will never GET YOU!

You are being so misunderstood!

By people, by the world and maybe even by yourself!

It hurts! I know!

Because all your seemingly “shallow quest for a slim body and good looks” is not about SLIM BODY and LOOKS AT ALL!

What you are really after is FREEDOM!


Eating and Body Freedom! Freedom to be Yourself! Freedom to feel good in your body! Freedom to eat anything!

Freedom to be yourself every day!

Freedom to be at ease, at peace, in harmony with your body and your soul!

Freedom from the bondage of cruel beliefs about yourself, freedom from self-not-approval!



That’s why you want to lose weight and recover from the eating disorder! 

The feeling is  FREEDOM!

You are reaching for eating freedom and body freedom!

You want to be free! 


You are reaching for freedom from your bondage of self-imposed judgment about how you should look, feel or move. Freedom to just experience joy and happiness living in your body, enjoying your body, moving your body, being pleased with your body, loving your body.

Freedom from that bondage of self-imposed judgment – what, why, how you should or shouldn’t eat. You are looking for freedom to just enjoy being YOU, without any negative and bothering thinking patterns, self-judgement and pressure of feelings like guilt, shame and anxiety around eating.

What Is Eating Freedom?

Imagine this freedom…wouldn’t that be nice if


…you would enjoy and appreciate everything you eat. No matter what it is! You would eat when you are hungry and enjoy and savor every single mouthful and feel just deliciousness of food and appreciation for such a great meal. You would know that this food, no matter what it is, will nourish your body and keep it slim, healthy and beautiful.

You would listen to your body when it will give you a signal that it is satisfied, and naturally, you would stop eating. You would feel only appreciation after eating and feel the nourishment that food gave you. You would appreciate this delicious fuel that food is for your body and then you will just go and enjoy other things in your life.

When thinking of food, you would feel only positive feelings of joy and contentment about food. You would feel excited to prepare some delicious recipes and menu for yourself. You would go shopping and experience joy, freedom, lightness and excitement, positive expectation that you will find what you are looking for. You would feel joy and freedom that you can buy and eat anything that is appealing to you. You will know, that the food which you will give to yourself with love and appreciation, only can nourish and benefit your body. You would enjoy every aspect of looking for food in the shop, finding what you want, feeling happy about eating it later. You would feel satisfaction that there are so much abundance and variety and you can buy anything that you would like.

Then you will go home, and you would feel excited to put your delicious food to your pantry and fridge. And you would start to feel hungry and start cooking and preparing your delicious meal for yourself or/and for your loved ones! You would enjoy looking at food, mixing it, tasting it, styling it on your plate and table. And then you would feel excited and joyful to eat this delicious meal.

You would feel amazing because you would know, that you can eat ANYTHING that you want. Every single mouthful would taste delicious and you would feel only appreciation for such a great fuel for your body! And when your body will give you a signal that is pleasantly satisfied, you would finish even if there is still something on your plate! You would feel just right! Not full, not hungry, just right, pleasantly satisfied!

And then, you would continue your day refreshed, doing things that you enjoy or need to do. During the day you wouldn’t think of food at all, and if the food comes to your mind, it would be only with appreciation and feeling of contentment and knowing that when you will be hungry again there will be another delicious food for you to savor again! But you would be busy doing other activities and later when you will start to feel hungry again, then you start to think positively of food and what you are going to eat. It would almost never even occur to you to eat food when you are not hungry. It would almost never even occur to you, that when you see some food somewhere, to eat it if you are not hungry.

When you will feel stressed or bad, it would almost never even occur to you to use food as a solution to your problem or relief. You would feel completely free around food. Food will be only food. Delicious fuel for your body! You would know, that your body will always stay slim and healthy no matter what you eat. You would know that no matter what food you give to your body, your body will be nourished. You would feel that food is your delicious, dear friend.

You would enjoy eating so much, you would enjoy shopping for food, having a supply in your pantry. You would enjoy cooking, talking about food, looking at all foods, browsing recipes, going to restaurants, going to any parties. It wouldn’t even occur to you that your body shape can change or that your body would put on weight by eating. You would associate food only with eating it as a delicious fuel for your body. You would not associate it with weight gain at all.

How do you feel about food? Are you free like this or topic of eating, shopping, cooking give you great deal anxiety, stress, fear, worry, and guilt?

What Is Body Freedom?

Imagine this freedom…wouldn’t that be nice if …


you would wake up in the morning, feeling amazing and light and in a very good mood. You would stretch your body after sleeping, looking in the mirror and loving what you see. You would feel satisfaction, joy and happiness, appreciation for yourself and your body. You would go and take a shower and enjoy the warm refreshing water on your skin and wash your body and feel appreciation and love for yourself. You would feel beautiful in your skin. You would have an only positive reaction on your body, how it looks, how it feels, how it moves.

Then you would go to your amazing big closet with excitement and sift through so much variety of beautiful clothes and you would choose what you would feel inspired to wear today. You would put on clothes and every single piece will fit amazingly and when you look in the mirror you would feel joy, satisfaction and big appreciation for how beautiful, sexy and confident you look in your beautiful clothes. Your clothes would, even more, reflect that amazing person that you are.

Then you would go to the kitchen feeling hungry and have your delicious breakfast, and you would savor every mouthful and stop when pleasantly satisfied. You would feel appreciation for such an amazing day, yourself and life.

Then you would go to work and feel frisky and energized! You would feel confident, loving, so good in your skin, body and clothes, very comfortable meeting people, talking to them, appreciate them, co-create with them. You would take compliments from your friends with ease and appreciation and would compliment others about their good job or appearance. You would feel equal to everyone. It wouldn’t even occur to you to think what other people think of you, how they judge you, what they think of your clothes or your looks. You would feel aligned, whole and happy. You would feel like walking a lot and moving your body. You would love feeling your body moving. You would breathe deeply and with ease and enjoyment. You would be so content, appreciative of yourself wherever you would be. You would see yourself as you really are, connected to “Source Energy”, to everything and everyone. It wouldn’t even occur to you to judge how other people look or dress or talk. You would feel completely free just being and enjoying who you really are, with knowing of your creative power, worthiness, and love.

You would enjoy dancing, moving your body, giving a speech in front of people, doing sports, going on a date, meeting with friends, making love with your partner. You would experience freedom being naked with another human being, wearing your beautiful underwear, or bikini, swimming suit on the beach.

You would know your beauty, your worthiness, your power. You would feel amazingly comfortable, at ease, joyful, whole and eager. And you would see anyone else as the same whole, beautiful, worthy and powerful human being as you are.

How do you feel about your body and in your body? Do you feel free like this? Or your body gives you stress, anxiety, worry, depression, or guilt?

Eating Freedom is very easy and quick to achieve, when you know how!

Imagine you could eat anything you would like and stay slim!

Can you imagine how your relationship with food would completely change? You would only experience positive emotions about food and eating! Food would not make you fat. Food would fuel and nourish your body! Food would give you the energy to live! Food would give you pleasure! Food would make you healthy and strong! Instead of making you fat!

Did you know that eating anything you like and staying slim is the most natural thing ever?

Did you know that food did not ever suppose to make us fat or overweight?

It only does because we broke the rules of Natural Way of Eating. It only does as we broke the rule of what is natural for our bodies. Putting on weight is just a side effect of us using our body in a different way that it is natural!

What majority of people consider to be “normal eating” is not Natural Way Of Eating at all.

That’s why there is so many overweight people, so many people struggling with weight, so many people with eating disorders, or so many people with poor health and diseases. I call this “normal eating” as it is the way the majority of people eat and behave, so what majority does becomes the NORM. But it is not normal as it is not natural.

We are taught from the early age the “normal way of eating” and in this “normal way of eating” as we break the natural way how our bodies work, there are consequences and side effects that are real and we observe them – like the one that food can make us fat. So we start to control and manipulate this food to prevent making us fat by all sort of behaviors and tricks! Almost everyone believes that food make us fat and we have to be careful and restrict ourselves.

I will show you how the food is not the problem and then you can prove yourself that eating food does not make you fat ever if you are in harmony with your body.

It only does when you are not! It is like using a spoon to write a letter and complain that it is broken and does not work or that it is so hard to write with the spoon. Just use the spoon for what is it for and you will be happy with it and for writing, use the tools that are designed for writing.

We are using our body in a different way that it was designed for and then, of course, we have to deal with the consequences. We put on weight and eating food is scary now and our weight is not safe anymore! And we can even develop eating disorders. And we don’t understand why! Then we try to find solutions for symptoms but not the cause.

If you have an eating disorder, it simply means that your eating is just even more out-of-order than others! And also that there is a valid reason why your eating is more out-of-order than others.

I teach and explain this in my book “Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever!”!

If you have eating disorder and your eating is anything from dieting, deprivation, binge eating, emotional eating, overeating, an addictive way of eating or compulsive way of eating and compensating, you can’t even imagine what eating freedom is! You might not even remember it from your childhood! Or you might not even ever have had it!

Play with this idea of eating freedom and slim body, because you are going to have it soon, so prepare yourself for it, get use to it!

Once you get your eating in order, many things will shift for you and will fall into place. It is like a domino effect and everything is connected together! Your body get slim, understanding yourself and your inner guidance will be very clear. By connecting back to your body, you will connect back to your soul, emotions, and intuition too. Your life will be easier and more fulfilling!

Prepare yourself for less struggle and more joy and ease! Prepare yourself for your dreams and desires to gradually come true after such a long waiting and wanting!

Slim body is easy! Body Freedom can take longer to achieve as it is very complex!

Having a slim body does not automatically gives you a body freedom. Body freedom is way much more than just a slim body.

I achieved complete eating freedom and naturally slim body for the rest of my life. That’s why I can say I am expert on it and teach it!

Am I finished with eating freedom? Is it done, nothing more to experience, no path to go forward to? No, there is always another, deeper level to experience within the eating freedom. It’s like with experiencing happiness. There is always another, a higher level of experiencing joy within it. The expansion is never ending really and depth we can go is unreachable. It’s the same like knowledge and understanding. You can always understand deeper and uncover new levels and feel new highs! That’s why I am looking forward so much to experience even more freedom with the Eating Freedom that I have already achieved.

The first few months of recovering by following the process that I teach in my book “Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever!” was the most joyful, remarkable and magical time of my life! And I am jealous of each of you who still has to experience this and go through this process yet! I can’t experience the intensity of freedom anymore, as for me it is natural and normal. Basically, you get used it, so the intensity is much lessened! The contrast of having an eating disorder is not that strong for me, it seems like very long time ago or like in a dream, but still, it brings tears of appreciation into my eyes when I eat and have a flashback of myself before. You can’t even imagine what a joyful journey you are going to experience! 🙂 And watching you experience it, will bring me tremendous joy! Sometimes I miss the first few months and sometimes I am a bit sad that this intense phase is over! I am writing this only to let you know how extremely fulfilling it really is and you have so much to look forward to!

I don’t teach Body Freedom!

Body Freedom is something that I am still evolving into and have a long way to go.

I don’t teach it yet, however, I inspire it. I am going to share my personal journey towards achieving Body Freedom too.

Achieving eating freedom will definitely help you to get to next level of experiencing a body freedom. You can’t achieve complete body freedom without having eating freedom first. When I had eating disorder and was not slim, I though that slim body will give me automatically all the body freedom too. I though that I will be automatically completely confident and all body shame and tension would disappear!

And that is probably what you might be thinking too.

And I have to admit that slim body really gave me a lot more freedom that I have had ever before. But not complete Body Freedom. As I already mentioned, The Body Freedom is way much more than just a slim body.

Body freedom is feeling of complete freedom, comfort, ease, self-confidence and self-love by being yourself in the body you have.

Body freedom is very complex freedom and covers many areas and aspects of your life, like:

your fitness level and how you like to move your body
body movement confidence
your personal care and hygiene
rest, relaxation and renewal
acceptance of the way you look, your type of beauty, your body shape and your “imperfections”
beauty and taking care of your appearance and your image
clothes you wear and finding your style
nutrition and food you eat
your sexuality, femininity or masculinity
how comfortable you feel when naked
sex mindset-self-confidence and feeling sexy and ability to flirt
finances-having finances to take care of your body properly and do all things you want to do
your overall health and medical care
sensuality and ability to experience pleasure
intimate relationships and dating
touch and showing affection to others
pregnancy and experience of giving birth
menstrual cycle
acceptance of “gross” things about your body
accepting life and age stages and body evolution.
and much more
Achieving Eating Freedom and Slim Body is relatively easy and quick, once you know how to do it. It does not take that long and once you have it, you have it, you achieved it. Mission completed!

Body Freedom is a different thing. It’s a life-long process. It takes all life to grow into it, to fully experiencing it as our body is evolving and changing. It’s really an interesting experience to be in our physical body as we are having the body experience from the time we are being conceived and start our human experience to the time we die and leave our human experience. It is so much to experience, feel and live. It’s ever changing and evolving.

I will be sharing my personal journey to my body freedom in my blogs to inspire you!

Your new life starts here!

When you partner with your body and yourself, you can eat anything and be slim.


Educated and tried it yourself? 

What’s next for you?

Time to partner with your body and yourself full time! Time to eat anything and be slim!



 Why losing only weight, when you can lose weight AND your eating disorder in one!

If you suffer from eating disorders (binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, food addiction, bulimia, starving), you cannot lose weight as your eating is out of order!
What to do? I have to 2 steps for you:
1. Get back to the Natural Way Of Eating (so you lose your eating disorder).
2. Get back to your Natural State of Being (so you lose the reason why you have developed your eating disorder).

Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder forever!

Gain Eating Freedom and a Slim Body for Life!

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