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"Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever!" e-Book


Why would you lose only weight, when you can lose weight AND eating disorder in the same time and permanently?

Enough about losing! The most exciting  is what are you going to gain?

Eating Freedom and Slim Body For Life!

And all this in just 2 steps!

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And all this you will get for free!

Before and After Eating Recovery 

How is it like to have an eating disorder experience?

(Binge eating, food addiction, bulimia, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, starving, compulsive overeating)

I share my intimate experience in videos. Can you relate to my experience?

Have a peek into my inner world…


And how is it like to be recovered, to have eating freedom and slim body for life?

To eat anything you like and stay slim? To live eating disorder free, without any triggers and food anxiety?

Would you like to experience it too? You can have it very easily too!

Have  a peek into my inner world…


This mini one off coaching won’t give you compete Eating Recovery ( as my book “Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever” would) but it will help you to move towards it.

I will offer you a next logical step towards recovery, a stepping stone, a bridge that get you closer to Eating and Body Freedom.

I will guide you closer to 1. Natural Way Of Eating and 2. Natural State Of Being.

I will usually reply in 48 hours!

Describe your problem in as much detail as you can.

  • Describe what you are doing (eating and other behaviour)
  • what you are feeling (emotional state)
  • what you are thinking (mental state)
  • what you think the issue is (block)
  • what help you think you need


Does an eating disorder experience has any advantages?


Yes,it has! And it gave you 10 SuperPowers! 

 10 SuperPowers and 10 Superweaknesses


Eating Disorder is life experience.

It teaches you something.

As everything in life it has PROS and CONS.


Do you know what ADVANTAGES and what DISADVANTAGES eating disorder could give you?

I found 10 Superpowers and 10 Superweaknesses

that I thank to my eating disorder experience.


It’s really cool to know now and after you recover, what an amazing qualities you have developed! 

It’s really useful to know your weak spots now and after you recover, so you can grow and develop.


 Put aside women’s glossy MAGAZINES, information about LATEST DIETS, EXERCISE, DIET PILLS, CALORIES, NUTRITION, FASHION trends, popular MAINSTREAM relationships, love, sex articles 





Grab a cup of tea or a coffee and watch videos, LEARN, get NEW INSIGHTS about food, eating, body and weight loss from various SPIRITUAL TEACHERS! Change your PERSPECTIVE.


  • Extensive collection of 68+ Abraham-Hicks videos on food, body, weight loss and eating topic
  • playlists of videos from other spiritual teachers and experts as Teal Swan, Byron Katie, Paul McKenna, Marianne Williamson, Mooji, Ralph Smart, Kute Blackson, Nina V, Lincoln Gergar, Eloheim, Eckhart Tolle, and more



Questions and Answers From my Free Mini Email Coaching published on the website for you to read!

5 Reasons You Don't want to recover/lose weight

(even you think you want to) Video Series


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