Watch the FREE video training and have the understanding of the 2 steps process

Schedule 35 min Compatibility Skype Consultation to find out if we are right for each other

Sign the contract, make the payment and start receiving my coaching and support!

3 months in advance (€999) NO REFUND GIVEN

Imagine This

“Imagine yourself being able to eat anything you want and lose weight.”


 “Imagine yourself having complete eating freedom and never put on weight ever again!”


“Imagine yourself being around all your favorite foods, sweets, snacks and cakes and not being urged or triggered to eat them, unless you are hungry!”


“Imagine yourself eating when hungry, enjoying every mouthful of your meal and naturally, with ease stopping when satisfied.”


“Imagine yourself having your body and food as the most supportive friends.”


“Imagine yourself feeling excited about your next meal without worrying about putting on weight!”


“Imagine yourself experiencing an inner peace and joy while eating.”


“Imagine yourself becoming permanently naturally slim.”


“Imagine yourself being free around food and loving being you.”


“Imagine yourself feeling a full range of emotions, from joy, anger, and sadness, going through life successes and challenges without wanting to soothe yourself with food.”

Wouldn't it be amazing?

You don’t need to imagine this anymore! 

You can LIVE this in REALITY in just 3 months from NOW!

In just 3 months from NOW!

You would live a completely different life!

You can start 2018 with Eating Freedom! 

Imagine you could eat everything in 2018

and won’t gain any weight!



Do you have

eating and weight problems?

Are you suffering from binge eating, yo-yo dieting, cycles of binging and dieting, bulimia, emotional eating, compulsive overeating, gaining and losing weight, unstable weight, food addiction, starving and food deprivation?

Is your eating out of your control? Do you suffer from food anxiety, triggers and urges?

Are you powerless to food? Obsessed with food, eating and weight?


Because in just 3 months you could get back to Eating Freedom and start becoming permanently naturally slim!

I will help you Transition from Your Eating Disorder to The Natural Way Of Eating!

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to “condition” yourself back to

The Natural Way Of Eating (full partnership with your body) and

your Natural State Of Being (start the partnership with yourself)

so in 3 months, you are Eating Disorder FREE, having a complete Eating Freedom and becoming permanently naturally slim.

Private Coaching








Starts on Saturday 6.1.2018!

Enrollment closes on Friday 5.1.18!

Group Coaching








Starts on Saturday 6.1.2018

Enrollment closes on Friday 5.1.2018

HOW are we going to do it?

You will watch the FREE video training and have the understanding of the 2 steps process

You will schedule 35 min Compatibilty Skype Consultation to find out if we are right for each other

You will sign the contract, make the payment and start receiving my coaching!

3 months in advance (€999) NO REFUND GIVEN



Mission: Getting Started


  1. You watch the video training
  2. You make a payment
  3. You read the book that you will receive
  4. You attend Orientation Call
  5. We will deal with inner conflicts if there are any

Month 1


Mission: Transition from Eating Disorder to Natural Way Of Eating


Week 1: Getting ready

Week 2: Eating Experiments

Week 3: Creating Vision of YOU

Week 4: Feeling Good Experiment

Month 2


Mission: Getting bak to Natural Way Of Eating

Week 1: Eat when you are hungry

Week 2: Consciously enjoy every mouthful

Week 3: Stop when satisfied

Week 4: Eat everything you want and taste good to you

Month 3


Mission: Getting back to your Natural State Of Being

Week 1: Dissolving your core drive

Week 2: From external to internal guidance

Week 3: Tools and practices that keep you in NSB

Week 4: 4 aspects: freedom, value, lovability, personal power

The e-book “Lose Weight AND your Eating Disorder Forever!” is a part of the coaching package.


Shedule Structure



Monday: Group/Individual Coaching Call


Saturday: Group/Individual Feedback and Q&A Call


Mon-Sun– Daily Assignments and Video Reports


Mon-Sun– Email/Skype Support, Emergency Coaching


*This schedule is flexible and will be adapted to our own availability, preference and convenience.

Form Structure


Mini celebrations -daily, weekly, monthly, 3 months, final

Daily easy short interactive video assignments, support and community sharing

Format: diaries, video recording, audio recordings, written inputs, skype, Zoom, FB group community, chat,


community/ coaching relationship for you


weekly coaching, feedback, Q&A calls


daily interactive assignments and video reports


email/skype support, emergency coaching


tools and resources, tips and tricks


I will coach you

to lose the identity of eating disorder and weight problems and gain a new identity of you as someone who is in the transitioning process

I will hold the vision of YOU

having the eating freedom and slim body for life

I will address and challenge

any problems you have

I will coach you

through the 6 steps of transitioning from ED to Natural Way Of Eating

I will give you

assignments so you can pass each step of transitioning

I will give you

the opportunity to express your feelings and all you are going through internally in our community

I will help you

to brainstorm any ideas how to overcome your specific obstacles and fears

I will encourage you

when you will be losing the excitement and start having some doubts about yourself and your ability to apply the process

I will check on you

how you are doing and how far are you in the transitioning process

I will give you

and teach you some great tools and resources to speed up the process

I will create new

tools and resources for you as needed according to your own needs

I will require from you

commitment to 3 or 6 months and your cooperation in coming on time to our calls, in doing the assignments




you are in the position that your body is healthy (if you have severe level of eating disorders – extreme bulimia and anorexia and your body is already damaged:loss of menstrual cycles, stomach or throat damage, hair loss etc, – you need to put your physical body in balance first and seek medical help before I would coach you) and you don’t have any rare metabolic, digestion or other diseases or conditions (diabetes, strong food allergies, bowel problems etc).


you have some level of eating disorder (yo-yo dieting, binging, food addiction, emotional eating, compulsive overeating, strict or extreme dieting, overeating, bulimia, food anxiety, love and hate relationship with food) and want to recover for life


you have some weight issues (losing and gaining weight, difficulty to lose weight and keep stable weight, always few more pounds, being overweight or fat, obsessed with being skinny or slim, fear of gaining weight) and want to lose weight and be naturally slim for the rest of your life


you are in the position that you can put “losing weight AND the eating disorder” as your number 1 priority and commitment to yourself for next 3-6 months of your life



you are willing to invest some of your finances into our work together and honor the 3 months commitment.



You watched the FREE Video Training

3 or 6 months Private Or Group Coaching

Private Coaching Versus Group Coaching

Price is the same for Private and for Group Coaching as both options have advantages and disadvantages that makes it even.

Testimonials/Success Stories

Turn on the CC/Subtitles on the video for better understanding.


Private 1-1 Coaching: (starts on 6.1.18 - Enrollment closes 5.1.18)








Group Coaching (2-3 people) : (Starts on 6.1.2018 - Enrollment closes on 5.1.2018)








The Application Process

You will watch the FREE video training and have the understanding of the 2 steps process

You will schedule 35 min Compatibilty Skype Consultation to find out if we are right for each other

You will sign the contract, make the payment and start receiving my coaching!

3 months in advance (€999) NO REFUND GIVEN

How many times?

How many times have you been dieting and failed?
How many time have you end up binge eating and overeating instead?
How many times have you postponed activities and your life for weight gain and lack of confidence?
How many times have you started over again?
How many years you were living like this?   

Dieting and Binging Cycles

Postponed activities due weight

Heartbreaks and Dissapointments

Years repeating the same problem

Don't wait any longer!

The FUTURE is created in the NOW! Not tomorrow!


2012 was MY YEAR when I became eating disorder free and permanently slim!

Make 2017 YOUR YEAR when you become eating disorder free and slim for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I paying for the result?

No. You are paying for my time, energy, resources, expertise, coaching and support.

The result is solely in your hands!

I don’t have any control over another human being, so I cannot ” make anyone” to do something. I cannot ” make you” to take action, to co-operate, to understand or to apply the 2 step process.

However, when you 1. Get back to Natural Way Of Eating (make it a priority to listen to your body fully for next 30 days) and 2. Get back to your Natural State Of Being (just taking first steps and willingness is enough in this step for the first 3 months), you will become eating disorder free 100%.

I will provide all the resources that you will need and make sure that you will understand the 2 step process as much is possible for you. You will need to take responsibility for asking any questions if there are some things that are unclear for you. I will be always available for you and observing you in what level you are “understanding” the 2 step process.

The 2 step process are NOT based on individual, specific or “unique to you, personally”   attributes. These 2 steps are based on universal principles. It means they work for every human being (or at least for “average” human being, that is healthy, doesn’t have any rare metabolic disease, mental illness or brain disability) as they are based on basic human biology (how our body works in terms of eating) and basic human psychology (how our psyche and process of conditioning works).

All this specific, individual and “unique only to you” attributes or symptoms are only secondary problems and variations of the core problem, that is “not partnering with our body and ourselves”. This ” not partnering with our body and ourselves”  can take many forms for many people. The form is not important, as when you start to partner with your body and yourself, the form will dissolve as it only exists because of your “not partnering with your body and yourself” base.

How can I make sure I will be successful?

Success depends on both of us:

It will require for YOU:

a) to be generally healthy (not have additional health problems that would be in the way of recovery-e.g. you need to be able to eat any food)

b) to have eating and weight problems and strong desire to recover

c) to make your recovery (becoming eating disorder free and naturally slim) THE NUMBER 1 PRIORITY for next 3 months-HIGHLY IMPORTANT (unless we make something priority, we won’t take actions)

d) to understand the 2 step process and transitioning as much possible (from watching the FREE video training, reading the book that you will receive) and take responsibility to ask any questions if the process is not clear

e) your full co-operation with the coaching process ( to do daily video assignments, attending the coaching calls, participating and engaging fully in the coaching plan and community, asking questions if things are not clear, addressing and sharing any blocks and challenges that will appear during the process so we can resolve them, being authentic about what is working for you and what not, asking for help so we can together with the community brainstorm creative ideas for you)

f) giving your best to the application of 2 steps and the transitioning process


I will offer you my best expertise, time and energy, dedication to you and your process.

I will provide you with creative ideas and help you to brainstorm any solutions to your situation so you can apply the process

I will help you with the challenges or blocks as they will appear during the process

I will make my absolute best in teaching the 2 Step process and the transition process

I will be observing your understanding of the process and give you regular feedback if you will be missing something

I will facilitate your application of the 2 step process to the best of my abilities

We will work out the best possible time for us to work, do assignments, community time, attending the regular calls.

We will work out the easiest, the simplest and least time and energy consuming ways how to do all this co-operation and coaching process together while having fun too.

I will be open-minded and receptive to any feedback from you about things that can be improved or any new resources to be created.

In other words:

You need to really want it and put is a priority for the next 3 months and be engaged in everything that we do and take responsibility for your level of understanding of the process.

With this, the chance of success is VERY HIGH! 99%

I want to work ONLY with people who will achieve success because YOUR success is MY success. So we are in this together.

What happens after 3 months? Can I continue? Can I have 6 months?

At the moment, I am not in the position to make  a commitment to 6 months.

However, I am happy to offer you 3 months coaching PART 2  or additional individual months according to your needs. (with a monthly payment option and  “before the month” starts cancellation policy.

In your first 3 months, there is very likely that you won’t have “a relapse”. It usually happens after 3 months. It is an individual thing. After you have a relapse, you will just repeat the same transitioning process (that you will already know from your own experience and achievement, not just as a theory), so you will get even quicker, easier and with more confidence back to NWE.

Why you are not coaching for free?

For many reasons:

a) I would love to experience how it is to “make a living” by helping people and doing what I am passionate about and the most talented in instead of doing a  job that I am not passionate about and not the most talented in. It is for me an experience of my own personal power that I can support myself financially by doing my “life work”. I have not experienced this yet before and I want to know how it is to be so empowered.

b) it is everyday, full-time, intensive engagement, so I would not be able to give my time, flexibility and availability and energy so much if I would have to receive money from anther  full-time job.

c) I believe that people should be rewarded for value, time, energy and hard work they are doing and deserve to be paid.

If people are paid thousands or millions for having taken pictures of them in underwear or kicking a football, people who are helping others to change their lives, definitely deserve to be financially rewarded.

d) I am not a multi-millionaire (in the position that I am financially taken care of for the rest of my life)  that I would do it just as my hobby and from my pure desire to help people. Basically, I have to support myself financially somehow. Also even as a hobby for a multi-millionaire, it would be extremely time-consuming, so not very convenient and lifestyle friendly (at least in a form that it is now for me).

e) People don’t value FREE things that much. I don’t think that people would really give their best and made it a priority. It means, I would have people who would not succeed as they would not do the work and won’t take it seriously. In my best interest is to HELP people to succeed, so then I am successful as helper and coach and in my mission to help people to recover. I am not interested in anything else.


What is your refund policy?

First 3 months of Coaching is a non-refundable payment. (It must be paid 3 months in advance).

This is because we are going to do it! There is no way back. No changing of your mind or not doing the work. You are going to lose eating disorder and achieve eating freedom and start your weight loss and have a slim body. I am interested in your and my success, nothing less. These 3 months are the necessary foundation. After these 3 months, you can go on your own, or decide to continue support and coaching.

If you would like to continue for additional months (3 months), you can pay monthly. You can decide each month if you would like another month. In order to get a refund, you will need to cancel before the month start. Any started month of coaching won’t be refundable. There are monthly payments, 2 months in advance, or 3 months in advance payment options available.

Do you have any testimonials and success stories?

My own eating disorder recovery is the biggest success and testimonial.

You can see all the reviews here!

What can I expect in terms of recovery and weight loss in these 3 months?

In the first and second month, you can expect to transition from eating disorder (eating and weight problems) to Natural Way Of Eating (a full partnership with your body).

You can expect to not gain any weight. You can expect to start losing weight immediately from the time you are transitioned in NWE. The weight loss won’t be fast as by dieting. The weight loss will be gradual, but always present. You can also influence how fast your weight loss will be by applying the NWE properly. The more properly you will listen to your body only, the quicker your weight loss will be.

You can expect to shift from lower emotional or energetical frequency ( compatible with having eating and weight problems or eating disorder)  to higher emotional or energetical frequency (corresponding with having eating freedom).

You can expect to learn and practice essential processes that will keep you listening to your own internal guidance instead of external guidance and help you to feel settled in your connection to your true self.

You can expect to feel confident in your eating freedom and in partnership with your body. You can expect to gain back your trust in yourself and in your body in terms of eating and body.

It’s really beneficial for this “settling in NWE” for one “relapse” to happen. It is very likely that the relapse will happen after these 3 months, so this first 3 months of coaching very likely won’t cover that. However, I will provide you with resources and prepare you for the relapse and what to do. Basically, you can just repeat the transitioning process that you did during these 3 months. Also I will provide and offer additional 3 months of coaching (so you could make it 6 months).

You can expect that I will be offering coaching and support after these 3 months if needed as  3 months coaching part 2, or individual months.

You can expect that I will be very insistent in you doing the work and in you being fully co-operative.


Not interested in coaching?

Then buy the book and recover on your own!


 Why losing only weight, when you can lose weight AND your eating disorder in one!

If you suffer from eating disorders (binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, food addiction, bulimia, starving), you cannot lose weight as your eating is out of order!
What to do? I have to 2 steps for you:
1. Get back to the Natural Way Of Eating (so you lose your eating disorder).
2. Get back to your Natural State of Being (so you lose the reason why you have developed your eating disorder).

Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder forever!

Gain Eating Freedom and a Slim Body for Life!

Buy Now

More Questions? Ask me in the comments below!

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