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In this Coaching Consultation:



1. I will help you to assess how you do not partner with your body and yourself that causes you eating and weight problems.

2. I will help you find the ways how you can partner with your body and your true self better (in your specific situation).


When you partner with your body and yourself( when you are back in the Natural Way Of Eating and your Natural State of Being, listening to your own body and internal guidance instead of external guidance), you will lose your eating disorder/issues completely.

And as a side effect, you will lose weight and be permanently naturally slim, too.

You can learn more about How to Partner With Your Body and Yourself (how to lose weight and the eating disorder/issues) in this FREE TRAINING!

Skype Coaching is way much better than the email coaching as it can give me the most complex and full information about you and your problem to work with.

It includes body language, your verbal voice and tonality, your energy, the congruency with what you are saying and your body’s reactions, any suppressed emotions, physical look and image.  It has an option to ask a question and clarify any doubts immediately so I can understand fully what you mean. As you can see, the email coaching is quite limited in how much information about your problem I can have and work with . It has only written words.

The fullest information about your problem would be, of course,  if we meet in person.  The video is the second best option.

The more information about you, I have, the better, more accurate coaching I can offer you.

You can learn more about How to Partner With Your Body and Yourself (how to lose weight and your eating disorder/issues) in this FREE TRAINING!


 Why losing only weight, when you can lose weight AND your eating disorder in one!

If you suffer from eating disorders (binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, food addiction, bulimia, starving), you cannot lose weight as your eating is out of order!
What to do? I have to 2 steps for you:
1. Get back to the Natural Way Of Eating (so you lose your eating disorder).
2. Get back to your Natural State of Being (so you lose the reason why you have developed your eating disorder).

Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder forever!

Gain Eating Freedom and a Slim Body for Life!

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Achieve Eating Freedom And A Slim Body For Life!

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