About YOU

You are beautiful!

You are gorgeous!

Your Body

  • you are at least in your late twenties or older, you are either slim, average weight, few pounds more or a bit overweight
  • almost all your life (or for many years) you have had a problem to be slim or to stay slim

  • you always wanted to lose weight and be skinny but never achieved that, at least not for a long time or it is a struggle to keep the weight

  • you don’t trust your body as it does not stay slim

  • you control how you look and how much you weight all the time

  • you haven’t had a stable weight for many years

  • you wish you would have different or someone’s else body

  • you are losing or gaining weight


  • you do everything to lose weight from strict diets, detoxes, fasting, cleansing, eating small portions, eating healthy, exercise, starving

  • you read and watch things about dieting and how to lose weight often

  • you dieted many times and lost weight, then you broked the diet and gained all the weight back again

Binge Eating


  • you eat large quantities of food in one sitting until feeling sick as you can’t stop

  • whatever you eat, very small or large portions, you eat it in a binge way (like you are not in control, feeling anxious, addicted, guilty, ashamed, not in control)

 Dieting and Binge Eating Cycle

  • you lose weight and you gain weight, there is nothing in between

  • you diet and then you binge and overeat and repeat the cycle over again

  • you are slim (or slimmer) and then fat (or fatter)




  • you constantly look for ways how to compensate for what you have just eaten

  • you compensate by dieting (eating less or only certain low-fat, low-calorie foods), by laxatives, skipping meals, purging, exercising, not eating at all


  • food is your friend – it gives you comfort, relaxes, soothes you, gives you intimacy

  • food is your enemy -makes your body fat and makes you feel depressed, powerless, out of control and ugly

  • there are allowed foods and forbidden foods (foods you shouldn’t be eating)

  • you LOVE food and you HATE food

  • you eat the same food to feel safe and in control

  • you fear food and its power that has over you

  • party, social gatherings where food is involved are stressful events for you



  • you can’t eat “normally” as others as you put on weight from everything so easy and from much less than others

  • you suffer from food addiction, emotional eating, compulsive overeating, yo-yo dieting, everything can be a trigger to binge

  • when you are fat you would give anything just to be slim and when you are starving you would give anything just to eat all you want

  • eating is an anxious time for you but also a huge relief and soothing

  • your eating is out of order and out of your control ( you try to control it but it does not work)

  • you eat in secret and prefer to eat on your own


Food Anxiety

  • you are obsessed about eating or not eating and anxious and guilty about eating food

  • you constantly have to fight urges and triggers to eat certain food

  • you constantly think of the way how to compensate for food that you just ate

  • you are in panic if things trigger you or get out of your control

  • you feel very stressed about how you are gonna manage your next encounter with food



  • you feel beautiful and ugly

  • you are frustrated with your body and feel uncomfortable in your skin

  • when you are losing weight, you feel excited, positive, optimistic, high, in charge, in control and connected, as an insider 

  • when gaining weight, you feel depressed, defeated, like a loser or a failure, out of control, in panic, suppressed, anxious, apathetic, as an outsider and deeply sad

  • you feel uncomfortable to be you and jealous, envious of other women that are slimmer than you

  • you feel like a beautiful goddess/princess/queen that is plagued by a bad curse

  • you feel like you have a double life – one where you are powerful, visible, social butterfly, slim, sexy and attractive, in control and balance where all is well and the other one where you are fat, powerless, hiding, depressed, numb and alone with food, an outsider and in despair

  • you feel guilty and ashamed when eating even when you are on a diet or don’t binge

  • you eat when you feel intense emotions or nothing at all (numbness, emptiness) as a way to cope or get away from feelings

Hey, gorgeous!

This was me few years ago! Now it's your turn to achieve eating freedom and slim body for life too!
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Body Image

  • you feel that being beautiful, attractive and being slim is your identity, not being fat and unattractive

  • you have time when you care about your appearance – you do your hair, makeup, you dress up (when in dieting cycle) and times when you don’t care that much and abandon your self-care (in binge and overeating cycle when gaining weight)

  • you are constantly checking yourself in a mirror if you look okey or slim

  • you feel very insecure about your body and are very sensitive about any disapproval or rejection of your looks and body

  • secretly or not secretly seek validation from others that you look good enough or attractive enough

  • you wish you look better, slimmer, different, prettier

  • you compare to others ( especially your look ) and feel uglier or prettier than others depending on how you percieve them

  • you feel intimidated by slim women

  • you are constantly self-consious and aware of your appearance and can’t have a break and shake it off


  • you wear and buy clothes, shoes to cover your body fat or to make you look slimmer, so you wear lots of clothes, shoes that you don’t even like, are not your style or are very uncomfortable

  • you wear tight clothes when losing weight to show off your slimmer body

  • you wear loose and baggy clothes when gaining weight to hide your body

  • you hate shopping and trying clothes on as you always end up feeling exhausted, angry, down, frustrated and disappointed, numb or hating yourself for that nothing (clothes) fits you

  • you have many clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t wear and does not fit you, but you keep them for the one day when you will be finally slim and will wear them again as a motivation and feeling of hope

Spirituality and Beliefs

  • you feel like without being slim you are not pretty enough, valuable enough, lovable enough, yourself enough, confident enough, powerful enough

  • you feel you have less value because you are not slim and as hot as you want to be or as others

  • you are strong and you learned how to live with the eating disorder and weight problems and never gave up on yourself and never will

  • you know deep inside that there is a solution for you and you will find it and achieve it

  • you feel broken, damaged, that something is wrong and inferior about you because of your eating and weight problem

  • you feel unfairness and injustice from Universe/life that you are not naturally pretty, skinny, “normal” enough

  • you feel you don’t deserve love unless you are slim and pretty enough so you do everything to get it

Your Relationships (to yourself, others, food, Life/Universe)


  • you have love and hate relationship with food, with clothes, cooking, with yourself, with Universe/Life

  • people know you as someone always on a diet and in control when eating, but don’t know that your eating is out of order and you secretly binge and overeat

  • you live and love yourself only for the future promise of that one day when you will wear these clothes, look like this, do those activities, have more relationships, sex and happiness etc

  • you have a problem with sharing, intimacy, dating, sex and being naked, with relationships as your eating issues and weight ups and downs make it very difficult

  • you cancel events, dates or work when your eating is out of control and you can’t stop eating or you don’t do many things you would like to do just because you think you are not thin enough – dancing, dating, swimming etc

  • you don’t trust yourself with food, but you learned many tricks on yourself and know what works for you

  • you think if you would not have this problem, your life would be amazing and you would be finally happy

  • you feel like you almost always lose in a competition to other women and feel superior if you find yourself prettier

  • you are scared of men and relationships as you are petrified of rejection (especially of your looks and body)

  • you keep the majority of your inner life as secret and feel isolated and alone as you think no one would understand you or they would reject you


If yes, then you are in the right place at the right time!

I am glad we found each other! You deserve eating freedom and slim body for life! And now you can have it!


You can become one of the girls that can eat anything and everything and be slim! This is our NATURAL state (not eating disorder and weight gain)  and YOU can get back to it easily! 


Let me teach you how!



You can have a slim body for life and wake up each morning knowing that your slim body is safe and you will never put on weight anymore! You don’t need to lose weight to fit into a bikini, dress or your jeans anymore. You just will fit, every day!




have a fridge full of your favorite and tasty foods! No more tasteless low calorie, low fat or only certain “allowed” foods! Opening your fridge will be a pleasure for you and you won’t open it from boredom, feeling anxious, loneliness, sadness or anger anymore. You will have eating associated with being hungry only.



look at the pictures of delicious food, watch videos or think about delicious food all day long and it won’t trigger you to overeat or be out of control anymore! It will do nothing to you! It will be like any other experience of looking at pictures of your favorite people, designs or whatever you enjoy browsing and looking at.




eat anything you like and lose weight and stay slim for life! You can enjoy chocolate anytime without any guilt or unwanted side effects! No more putting on weight!




look forward to each meal during the day, because you will just savor it, get energy from it and you will stay slim. No worries about weight gain or thinking about compensating for eating this food by laxatives, exercising, purging, skipping your next meal or going on a diet. You will eat the exact amount as your body needs in the exact time when your body will need it and that’s why there will be never again anything to compensate for.




feel free from all food anxiety, mental power struggles, triggers, urges and experience inner peace and relaxation around food. You can focus your energy and time on creating and living your dream life and being fully emotionally available for your loved ones.




be the woman you always wanted to be! Naturally slim and free mentally and emotionally! Eating anything and staying slim. No more triggers of the feeling of jealousy, envy, injustice, threat, and inferiority around other beautiful women. Now you can be one of them. Feeling good enough, worthy and equal. Being free to be yourself and happy to be YOU!



enjoy eating in relaxation an ease and look forward to eating! Eating can be your favorite activity, you can be a foodie and won’t put on weight. You can enjoy and savor your meals and automatically stop when satisfied! Eating will feel like an event of celebration and you will never put on weight!



be best friends with your food and look forward to it as you would to your best friend! You will be happy seeing food, tasting food, thinking of food, preparing food, eating food, giving and receiving food, cooking food, storing food and having fun and parties with your food! You can get creative, wild or just have a silent company with your food! Food will love you and YOU will love your food back!




look forward and be excited to any parties, social gatherings, celebrations and holidays instead of being stressed out! You can enjoy all the festive foods,appetizers, canapes, delicious food and cheese platters and leave the party with the same weight as you came with! You can have free fun, enjoy dancing, talking to your friends there without obsession about food and how you will compensate for this feast. You won’t overeat, you won’t be triggered to overeat later anymore! Finally, you can have proper fun without the food anxiety spoilers!




be around your favourite sweets, chocolate, desserts and foods 24/7 and you won’t be urged to eat them, have  binge, overeat or be anxious and triggered to go out of control. Food won’t have any power over you anymore! You won’t have any need to eat them unless you are physically hungry! Can you imagine this level of freedom!? Well, this is not  a big deal as it is the natural state and not the state you are experiencing! And you can get back to it easily!




have your coffee or  a latte in any way you like! No more skinny, no foam, no fat, no sugar lattes anymore! You can have it in any way you fancy!  There won’t be any extra weight included in your coffee, lattes anymore! Just you having whatever you would feel like having! No need to watch your weight ever again! You simply won’t put on weight! Is there anything cooler than that?




finally eat what taste good to you, not what is low fat, low calorie, no sugar, diet or “allowed and safe”  food! You can finally discover what foods you really enjoy and what food you don’t according to your personal taste buds and body guidance, not according to the mainstream society’s popular beliefs and trends. There will be no need to “force” yourself to eat tasteless but diet foods! There won’t be any need to watch your weight anymore!




approach Xmas and any holiday season with joy, excitement, and happiness! Instead of feeling anxious, under pressure and depriving yourself of festive foods or resigning to inevitable weight gain during holidays, you will enjoy all festive foods and stay slim! No more losing Xmas weight. There won’t be any! Imagine how holidays would have a completely different feel for you! You don’t need to go on a diet anymore, you don’t need to avoid your favorite comfort foods. You can bake all the gingerbread cookies! Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, have a pumpkin spiced Starbuck lattes if you fancy! Just joy and maybe stress from shopping Xmas gifts if you tend to do it on the last minute! 😉



get completely creative with food and have some fun! Your kids and your inner child will be delighted! You can finally use your great creativity in the kitchen too and prepare your own masterpieces and food art! You won’t be worried about eating all of them or they won’t activate any binge for you anymore! Even if you don’t cook or bake, you might find a new hobby in that! Who knows? Now when eating disorder and fear of weight gain won’t be in your reality, you might discover that you are a very talented chef!




see fruits and vegetables as any other food not just as a diet food! You can enjoy fruits without being on a diet! You will feel like eating fruits and vegetables as much as you will feel like eating all other foods! You won’t have to eat fruits for few days to lose weight! You would eat fruits as part of your daily food choice! You will love fruits and vegetable as much as any other food! When you “won’t” need to use fruits and vegetable as a weight management control, your resistance (if you have any) to eating fruits and vegetables will dissolve!




finally, throw the best dinner parties and be the greatest host you are ( if you are 😉 ) without the fear of gaining any weight afterward! You don’t need to avoid food parties anymore! On a contrary, you can host your own parties now! You can be the social butterfly and enjoy great social life! Food won’t stress you anymore! Weight gain won’t be an issue anymore! You will be free! And now you are going to be told how lucky you are that you can eat anything and stay slim!




to claim your eating freedom and slim body for life! It’s available for you! It’s YOUR natural state! Lose weight AND eating disorder! Now is the time!


Your new life starts here!

When you partner with your body and yourself, you can eat anything and be slim.


Educated and tried it yourself? 

What’s next for you?

Time to partner with your body and yourself full time! Time to eat anything and be slim!



 Why losing only weight, when you can lose weight AND your eating disorder in one!

If you suffer from eating disorders (binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, food addiction, bulimia, starving), you cannot lose weight as your eating is out of order!
What to do? I have to 2 steps for you:
1. Get back to the Natural Way Of Eating (so you lose your eating disorder).
2. Get back to your Natural State of Being (so you lose the reason why you have developed your eating disorder).

Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder forever!

Gain Eating Freedom and a Slim Body for Life!

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