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"Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever" video training

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Video Training

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"Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever" eBook

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Coming soon to London!

"Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever" workshop

E-Book "Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever!" is available already for beta purchase!

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Do it solo or with us!

After reading my book “Lose Weight AND Eating Disorder Forever” you will be fully equipped and competent to start the 2 step process and achieve eating freedom and slim body for life!

You will be left with 2 choices: to do it on your own or to do it with me and other women on the same mission.

If you chose to not do it alone, I am offering you 6 months coaching and support.

Not sure if the book is for you?


If you’ve just found my website and videos, why not to try my free mini email coaching first? You will get a sense of how it is to work with me and if the insights I will give you resonate with you!

Or maybe you just have couple of small issues that you would like to get my perspective on…

In any case, I am here to help and looking forward hearing from you!




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