Meet “The Eating Freedom Chef “! 


  • I am Elena Orchiday, The Eating Freedom Teacher and Coach! 
  • The Founder of Eating and Body Freedom
  • The author of the signature book, video training and workshop “Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever!”
  • A petite woman with gentle, colorful flavor, food lover, playful redhead and food artist!
  • Passionate about helping women to achieve complete eating freedom and a slim body for life!
  • After tasting My Food For Thought, you will LOSE weight and your eating disorder forever!
  • My cooking will mentally, emotionally and spiritually nourish you.
  • After eating my meals you will GAIN a slim body and complete eating freedom!
  • You fall back in love with your favorite foods,  forbidden treats, with cooking, baking, grocery shopping, with your body and your sweet life!
  • After dining with me, you re-connect with the naturally slim, carefree and deliciously playful little girl you once were!
If FOOD is your enemy and has a power over you, makes you anxious, obsessive, uneasy, makes you binge, overeat, tricks you to eat only that one piece but imprison you to  repeat again and again…

I am here for you!

If  FOOD is your best friend and soothes you, comforts you, gives you love and intimacy, understands you, is always there for you, brings you relief  and vent like nothing else…

I  understand!

If  YOU get your food revenge and try to control, overpower, fight  with food by dieting, ignoring it, not eating it, depriving and limiting yourself from it just to lose  weight that food punished you with…

 I can help!


My signature Education and Wisdom:


Since a young age, I wanted to be a teacher and help others!

I became Special Needs and Nursery Teacher, but LIFE redirected me to specialize in Weight Loss and Eating Recovery Special Needs and Inner Child Education!

I have been studying myself and every aspect and angle of eating disorder and weight loss for 12 years.

I achieved Master Degree in Eating Freedom and Weight Loss in 2012. I cracked the code, I found the solution.

Deeper understanding of the inner world of thoughts, emotions, psyche, soul, awareness, personal and spiritual growth are my biggest passions, skills and gifts. 


 My signature philosophy


Be YOURSELF no matter what, because it’s YOU!

Your purpose is to be YOU and to LOVE BEING you!

Love YOUR BODY no matter what, because it’s YOURS.

Your purpose is to have YOUR BODY and YOUR LOOK and to LOVE and WANT it!

Be YOU-friendly, be YOUR BODY-friendly!

People rejected us, so we rejected ourselves- so life is then big comeback home, return to ourselves!


 My signature beliefs


I believe eating dis-orders are not a big deal and can be easily put back in order!   I believe natural state of body is being naturally slim.

I believe eating disorders will be soon just  a history on the planet earth.  

If you have desire to be, do, have something, you have the ability and resources within to achieve it!


My signature quote


“Achieve eating freedom and body freedom will follow!

My signature formula for eating freedom and weight loss


You get back your naturally slim body by getting back to the Natural Way Of Eating and Your Natural State Of Being!

My Bittersweet and Sour Story Sup


Since I was 13, I wanted to lose just a little bit of weight to make myself pretty and  loveable. I grew up in a  dysfunctional family which left imprints on my heart causing me to feel no value, not deserving love and with a deep feeling of inferiority! I wanted to fix it by being a model like pretty! I was healthy slim, but I wanted to be super skinny. I thought if  I am extremely pretty I will be loved. First,  I started to exercise, but it didn’t help. So I focused on limiting my food and have discovered that it worked! Since then I was always on a strict diet and always lost weight. But diet was always followed by binging. I was either losing weight or gaining weight, There was nothing in between! I never had a stable weight since. My eating started to be more and more out of control and I was trying to compensate by laxatives, sometimes purging, and always by dieting. Everything started to be about food, eating, not eating and wanting desperately to be skinny. I was weighing myself every day. I felt good when losing weight and felt bad when gaining!…

Book & E-Book

Book & E-Book


Book and E-Book where I teach my 2 step process for losing weight and recovering from eating disorder forever!

Already available in e-book format and on Amazon!

Video Training

Video Training

Educational and experiential video training workshop where I teach my 2 step process for losing weight and recovering from eating disorder forever!

Already Available!



1 day educational and experiential workshop in London and Slovakia where I personally teach my 2 step process for losing weight and recovering from eating disorder forever!

Already in Slovakia.

Coming soon to London!

 My Icing On The Cake  

3-6 Months Coaching Program 

deep and insightful

gentle and sensitive

playful and flirty

creative and artistic

passionate and exciting

calm and serene

organized and harmonic

funny and silly

empathic and proper

reflective and self-aware

strong and compassionate


abundance and variety

compassion and understanding

outer and inner beauty

personal and spiritual growth

uniqueness and originality

authenticity and openness

being yourself and different

wellbeing and harmony

freedom and self-expression

constant learning

following my joy and excitement

being true to myself


Wellbeing is our natural state that we can always come back to!

ED is a personal and spiritual growth life experience!

We have value, recovered or not recovered!

All is well and exactly as it should be!

We are here to help each other!

We are all both teachers and students!

We are spiritual beings having a human experience!

Everything has pros & cons!


Intimate coffee with me


If we had cup of coffee, I would share 3 things I appreciate the most:

  •  the internet, my sister Terezka (she has down syndrome) and personal/spiritual growth
  • my interesting, sexy or annoying accent comes from Slovakia
  • I am 38, in a relationship and have other blog called The Inner Striptease
  • I live in Slovakia and London
  • I love dancing, ice skating, adventure, creative and house designs, art, beauty, painting, arts and crafts, detective stories
  • I prefer not to drink alcohol, but rather get “high” naturally and build my confidence, social skills instead
  • I am at that stage of my life when I am addiction free
  • I prefer not to watch TV, news, sports and politics that much
  • I love clothes and makeup but I am not into fashion, media or trends
  • I prefer not to read any women fashion, gossip or celebrity magazines
  • My current favorite teachers: Teal Swan and Abraham-Hicks
  • I won’t label myself as vegetarian, vegan, meat eater, raw foodist, abstinent etc, as freedom to eat, drink, be, do, have whatever I choose to, is my way of life
  • I love unusual, different and unique things, places and people
  • I love inner and outer luxury
My favourite Food related movies!
My favourite Food Art!
My favourite Fun Food!

Come to my party where you experience life


  • without an eating disorder
  • completely trigger free
  • with complete eating freedom
  • where you will lose weight and stay slim for life
  • where you can eat anything and everything you like and won’t put on weight
  • where you can be around food 24/7 and it does nothing to you
  • where food won’t make you fat any more
  • where you will lose weight and your eating disorder in one
  • where you will gain eating freedom and a slim body for life


 Why losing only weight, when you can lose weight AND your eating disorder in one!

If you suffer from eating disorders (binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, food addiction, bulimia, starving), you cannot lose weight as your eating is out of order!
What to do? I have to 2 steps for you:
1. Get back to the Natural Way Of Eating (so you lose your eating disorder).
2. Get back to your Natural State of Being (so you lose the reason why you have developed your eating disorder).

Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder forever!

Gain Eating Freedom and a Slim Body for Life!

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