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6 Inner Conflicts Resolution In Eating Disorder Recovery-FREE Video Course

by | Sep 7, 2017

Experiencing various inner conflicts within us is very common. When we have inner conflicts within us the life is hard and a struggle as they prevent us from moving naturally and smoothly in life.

Inner conflicts are based on the fact that everything in life has advantages and disadvantages.
Everything that we perceive positive has also a negative aspect or disadvantage and everything that we perceive as negative has also a positive aspect or advantage for us.

Many times we are not consciously aware that something positive can have also the aspect that we see as negative and that’s why we don’t want it. In this case, we have this inner conflict going on that we think that we want something, but on the end of the day, we won’t take action, we procrastinate or don’t move forward and sabotage our desire or goal.

The same happens even more when we experience something unwanted and negative in our lives like an eating disorder and weight gain or overweight, body insecurity, low self-esteem and low confidence.

We consciously think that we don’t want this problem anymore and consciously want to move towards eating recovery and weight loss.
But very often, this negative, unwanted experience has advantages for us that we are not aware of, so consciously we don’t see that the eating disorder or being overweight or being insecure can give us any benefits or advantage. Then we wonder why we cannot lose weight, why we cannot recover, why do we always mess up, why are we always so close and then fail?

The reason is the inner conflict within us that we are not aware of or that we are aware of this inner conflicts but don’t know how to resolve them within us.

Before I have recovered from my eating disorder and before I have lost weight and became permanently naturally slim, I had had many inner conflicts.

One thing I know for sure is that if you don’t resolve your inner conflicts within you, you can stay in the same problem over and over and for many years and are not able to move forward in life as the inner conflicts keep you stuck and repeating the same behaviours.

And one thing that I know for sure is that once you resolve your inner conflict about a certain aspect of your life, you are set free and the chains that were binding you are gone and you can move easily forward towards recovery or your goal.

That’s why I have created 6 videos for you that are addressing 6 very common inner conflicts for people that suffer from eating and weight problems. I personally had these inner conflicts myself and had to resolve them before I could move forward toward my eating recovery.

Watch it here!

Elena Ochiday is Eating Freedom Teacher and Coach, helping women to achieve “Eating Freedom and a Slim Body For Life!™ She is the founder of Eating and Body Freedom website. She helps people to get back to 1. “The Natural Way Of Eating and 2. Their Natural State Of Being”™ in her signature book, video training and workshop called “Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever!™” After struggling with an eating disorder and weight problems for 12 years, now completely eating disorder free and slim for life, teaches others how they can be the person who can eat anything and stay slim, too!

Sign up for FREE video Training here!

Sign up for FREE video Training here!

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